Ladies Ministries

Women’s Ministries and Mission Statements

Coordinating Committee
Janyce Wood, Chair
Dallas Bell
Cindy Gray
Natalie Gray
Kyleen Hilton

Rita Dennis, Chair; Venera Emery, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
To assist those wanting to be baptized by providing clean changing rooms, garments, towels, hair dryer and curling irons. All items are kept in good working order.

Bulletin Board
Whitney Lubbers and Dallas Bell, Co-Chairs

Children’s Emergency Home
Sheila Garcia, Chair Bettie Forbis, Co-Chair Sally Lynch, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
The Children’s Emergency Home Ladies Ministry is the support system for the foster parents living in CEH. The responsibilities depend on the needs of the foster families and the children that stay at CEH.

Church Chatter
Pat Caddell, Chair Mirtie Morrison, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the “Church Chatter” to inform, inspire and share helpful hints with our ladies through original and reprinted articles.

Dream Closet
Mary Harper, Chair Amanda Badillo, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
To make available decorations and supplies for special occasions and events; help with those special occasions when needed; to maintain and keep the Dream Closet updated.

Cheryl Harper, Chair Donna Smith, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
By organizing and updating all bible class curriculum and materials, and keeping all visual aid equipment maintained and in good working order, it is our mission to assist all teachers in obtaining visuals and visual aid equipment so that they might be more effective in teaching our youth and adults.

Greta Morrison, Contact
Mission Statement:
Purpose: to involve the members of the Comanche Trail in the spiritual encouragement and edification of its missionaries who are supported on an annual basis, and to coordinate these efforts with the Men’s Mission Committee.

Tracy Barnett, Chair Taylor Quirk, Co-Chair
Mission Statement for Attended Nursery:
To serve the parents of young children by providing a safe, clean environment for children 6 months to 3 years to play during the second worship service.

Mission Statement for Mothers’ nursery:
To provide a calm and quiet environment where mothers of young babies can take their babies to feed, change diapers, and sleep.

Melissa McDonald, Chair Cindy Gray, Co-Chair

SOS College
Connie Mullin, Chair Greta Morrison, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
To support our college students during this critical decision making time in their lives by encouraging them through scripture, prayer, cards and gifts. Reminding them that they are not alone, that they are loved and that God is faithful.

Supply Room
Margaret Gilbert, Chair

Visitor Center
Kami Jenkins, Chair Nola Crawford, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
The visitor center strives to greet visitors within the first few minutes they enter our building and provide information, direction, and a genuine welcome.

We Care
Rita Dennis, Chair Venera Emery, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
Ephesians 5:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another.”
Our purpose is to give attention to shut-ins, those with long-term health problems, and those who need extra encouragement. This is to complement the outreach work already done by the Care Groups, the Elders, Deacons and Ministers.

Wanda Rowland, Chair Vonda Finley, Co-Chair
Mission Statement:
To help ladies who are new to Comanche Trail feel they are a part of the family by getting to know them and seeing that they find a ministry where they can best use their special talents.  We also welcome new babies by giving the parents a gift at the baby blessing service.