Building Expansion – Planning for the growth of the Lords family!
Brothers and Sisters,

As you know our building expansion ministry has been working for over two years on how and in what ways we can improve our facilities both for outreach and improved usefulness for our membership. We came up with a plan that was not feasible about two years ago and were able to regroup and work to remodel our current foyer and auditorium. Having done so we are currently looking at options for a fellowship hall/kitchen which would allow us to refrain from using our worship area to eat in and provide a more practical venue and overall process for congregation wide fellowships. We have met and will continue to meet with Mason Rogers of Playa Design Group here in Amarillo to explore both floor plan and cost possibilities of  this project. We were approved through the business meeting to hire Mason but have not incurred any cost to the congregation at this time. We have been a forward thinking and growth oriented family for a long time and hope to continue approaching the Lords work at our facilities in this way. We ask for continual prayers for this ministry so that we can work responsibly for the furthering of God’s kingdom here at Comanche Trail.
Building fund balance is $256,842.37.