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KAPPA CHI, The Christian Club of Amarillo Bible Chair Changing Lives

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May 2016 Reporter

What is Kappa Chi?
Kappa Chi is a Christian club for Amarillo College. Kappa is the first letter in the Greek word for fellowship; and Chi is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ. The letters stand for the words “fellowship in Christ.” Kappa Chi membership is open to any AC student who is interested in a club that participates in all aspects of Amarillo College’s intramural and social life, while following a Christian life style.
Kappa Chi meets every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm for a simple supper provided by area Christians, with the club meeting at 7:00. Sometimes we include worship and Bible studies, and at other times we welcome and listen to successful Christians from the community who are working in areas where our members and other Amarillo College students may be majoring. We always pray—and we always have a good time!